The Radio Shows

About Discovering Korea

Discovering Korea” was a travel and culture show that aired Saturdays on KBS World Radio from April 2008 until April 2009. The show was written and hosted by Matt Kelley and produced by Sophia Hong. In September 2008, was launched.

On March 11, 2009, Matt started hosting a new KBS show called “Seoul Scene with Matt Kelley.” The show, which profiles great places in Korea’s capital, airs every Wednesday during the “Seoul Calling” news program, and is also hosted by Sophia Hong.

On August 15, 2009, Matt launched a new show on TBS eFM 101.3. As part of “The Steve Hatherly Show,” each Saturday Matt provides tips for travel on the Korean Peninsula. The show is produced by Jin Min.

About KBS
KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) is South Korea’s leading pubic services broadcaster and among the nation’s most influential media organizations. The international division, KBS World, broadcasts worldwide in 11 languages. You can listen to the shows on shortwave, the Internet, or via KONG and Danpod on a PC. “Seoul Scene with Matt Kelley” may also be carried on your local radio or satellite station via the World Radio Network (WRN).

About TBS eFM 101.3
TBS (Seoul Traffic Broadcasting System) operates four television and radio channels in South Korea. In December 2008, eFM became the nation’s first all-English radio channel. Sponsored by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, eFM provides news, culture and music programming to listeners in the Seoul, Busan and Gwangju metropolitan areas. Broadcasts can be heard at 101.3 FM in Seoul or streamed via TOY on a PC.


  1. I have been following your blog and enjoying your beautiful photos, makes me want to go to Korea more than ever.
    Regards your show “Seoul Scene” I shall be very obliged if you could kindly let me have the shortwave frequency and time of airing of the program. I am staying in Kuala Lumpur and if I’m not mistaken we are one hour behind Korea.
    Is the other program “Discovering Korea with Mat Kelley” still on because you mention something about “from April 2008 until April 2009.” Hope to hear from you Thank you.

  2. Hi Aidah,
    Thanks for your kind note, and I’m glad to hear that you’d like to visit Korea in the future. “Seoul Scene” appears weekly on the Wednesday edition of “Seoul Calling” towards the end of the show. According to KBS, out shortwave schedule in Southeast Asia is from 0800-0900 UTC (at 9570 frequency) and 1300-1400 UCT at both 9570 and 9770 frequencies. If you miss the on-air version, you can listen/download a podcast here. Good luck and thanks again! Best, Matt

  3. The only thing I wish was different about your site….I wish instead of “Seould Scene” I wish it was “Blogging Busan” because I am moving 20 min from Busan!

  4. Hi again, Chris,

    Sometimes I wished I lived in Busan… at least for a couple of months. It’s a really beautiful city and I miss living on the ocean. I’ll try to be better about covering sites in the Busan/South Gyeongsang region. Best, Matt

  5. Hello,

    just got into your blog by searching some stuff relevant to mine. What a great blog mate, I’d really like to benchmark yours and hopefully I can have a better blog soon.

    I’ll come by more often to see more entries!


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