Posted by: Matt Kelley | 17 June 2009

News: Incheon Airport named World Best (again)


Seoul’s Incheon Airport (ICN) has received yet more industry plaudits. This time around, the 2009 Skytrax survey of some 8.6 million passengers named Incheon the best airport in the world, edging out perennial favorites Hong Kong International and Singapore Changi International. Free internet, showers, and one-to-six hour guided sightseeing tours while you wait for your connection will do that. I’m a huge fan.

Read more:

Why can’t all airports be like Incheon?
USA Today, June 16 2009

Incheon International Airport is named the World’s Best Airport 2009
Skytrax, June 9, 2009



  1. Indeed Hong Kong has much to learn from ICN/Korea because there is no such thing as FREE lunch here in HKG. Sad isn’t it? However, I will be glad to experience ICN myself ?end of 2009.
    Thanks a lot Matt.
    Best regards CS in HKG tom

  2. Hi HKG Tom,

    I don’t feel too bad for you! HKG is a wonderful airport (I found myself there on 12 occasions back in 2006 as part of Cathay Pacific’s amazing “All Asia Pass” promotion. Anyhow, it’s a little bit hard to compare it to ICN, since it’s just so huge! I am, however, jealous of those folks who got to fly into Hong Kong back when the airport was in the city. I hear it was quite exhillarating! Then again, as an American, my expectations for airports and airlines is so, so low!

    Best, Matt

  3. Free lunch? What have I been missing? Have passed through Incheon International Airport 6 times but never knew about this bonus!
    Perhaps I was too busy doing last minute shopping in the duty free shops. More likely I was working on some handicraft souvenir at the Free Cultural Program Section or sending off emails.
    Whatever the case may be, Incheon International Airport really deserves the recognition from Skytrax. Passing through IIA, whether one is coming or going, is an eye-opener to top-notch service. Congrats to IIA. Which is your favourite part of the airport, Matt?

  4. Hi Selene!

    The “free lunch” was news to me, too. I’m a little skeptical but it’s worth checking out. My favorite part? You know… I can’t say I’ve done much more than just transit in and out, but I really appreciate the uncomplicated layout, free internet and decent food venues that don’t feel like a cafeteria. It’s also always almost strangely empty… which is especially nice when you’ve arrived at your gate early and want some peace. I was mildly disappointed that most international arrivals are now parked at the new terminal, which requires one of those “skytrains” to connect it to the main terminal. Gone are the days when you deboarded, did customs, got your bags and were on a bus home in less than 20 minutes (now it’s a whopping 25). But honestly, that was almost too good to be true! Thanks for asking ;) Best, Matt

  5. as an airport observer, i would love the chance to go there… wanna prove it by myself whether it’s much better than changi and hk airport.

  6. Hi “munggur”,
    Although you’ve yet to experience Incheon, what are your favorite airports? ~Matt

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