Posted by: Matt Kelley | 5 May 2009

Introducing The Map!

I have an announcement to make.

I love maps! I really love maps! Which is why I’ve spent quite a few hours creating one for the blog (see the “The Map” tab in-between “Destinations” and “Links”).


Starting today, all of the destinations covered on the blog since we started last September are mapped on our very own, interactive Google Map. Thanks to Google Maps, we now have a new visual resource to help you plan where to go for brunch, or what sights you can check out on your weekend trip to Gangwon Province.


Simply click on one of the markers to see a quick description of the destination. Each write-up also includes a link to the full blog post for more detailed information. Also, I’ve color-coded the markers so you can quickly get an idea of say, what Nature or Buddhist temple destinations, are in your area.


To zoom in on a particular area, just double-click (but try not to click on a marker). You can also customize your map and switch between street detail, satellite, or (my favorite) terrain view.

The map will be constantly updated with new posts, as well as great restaurants and sights I find while traveling but places that don’t get into a blog post. If you have suggestions on places that I should include, please let me know! One of these days, I’ll get to adding a photo to each summary.

I hope you find “The Map” feature useful. For all you fellow map dorks out there, I hope it’s also fun!

Best, Matt



  1. This is a great idea Matt.
    It integrates travel planning and your blog so well! Also gives an idea on distance. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks~ I’m glad you like the map, too. My mom (who knows all too well my mapophilia) made me self-conscious this was a strange addition to the blog ;)

    Best, Matt

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