Posted by: Matt Kelley | 28 April 2009

Checking In…

Hi there,

I had planned to get this post up prior to the weekend, so apologies for the delay. It’s great being back in Seoul after a very busy (and cold) trip to South Chungcheong Province. I was there to tape an upcoming travel show for Arirang TV. The highlight was flying a ULM (ultra light plane) over the West Sea (Yellow Sea). Surprisingly, the ride was very smooth and not scary at all. I look forward to blogging about it soon.

On the technical front, Discovering Korea is now on Twitter. I know, I know, I’m sick of hearing about Twitter too! But I think the platform can be of service to Discovering Korea readers. Right now I’m doing a combination of personal status updates with tweets on upcoming events. It still feels a bit awkward, so your input is appreciated. Of course, subscribe to the feed if you want to chat and stay in the loop  :)

There’s some other exciting stuff I’ll discuss in a future check-in, but that’s it for now. As always, thanks for visiting. Thanks to you, it’s been fun seeing site traffic triple in the past two months!



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