Posted by: Matt Kelley | 15 March 2009

Spring Flower Festivals Calendar


Spring is on the way! It’s a great time of year for festivals across Korea. In March and April, the festival calendar is dominated by beautiful flower-themed fetes that should tempt your travel itch. Here are just a few.

Gwangyang Maewha Festival (Maehwa Village, South Jeolla Province)
March 14 – March 22
This weekend marks the beginning of Maehwa Village’s celebration of the apricot blossom. Visit over 80 acres of white flowering trees on the slopes of the Baegunsan Mountains. 
(more info: call +82 61 1330 or visit here.)

Gurye Sansuyu (Cornus Fruit) Festival (Mt. Jiri, South Jeolla Province)
March 19 – March 22
The town of Gurye is famous for its teas, liquors and foods that are made from sansuyu flowers. The hot springs area of Mt. Jiri hosts this annual festival that offers activities like performances, hands-on programs and fireworks.
(more info: call +82 61 1330 or visit here.)

Jinhae Naval Port (and Cherry Tree) Festival (Jinhae, South Gyeongsang Province)
March 27 – April 5
The world’s largest concentration of blossoming cherry trees plays host to this popular annual festival. In addition to the flowers, the festivities celebrate the port city’s proud naval tradition, including national hero, Admiral Yi Sun-shin.
(more info: call +82 55 1330 or visit here.)

Icheon Baeksa Sansuyu (Cornus Fruit) Blossom Festival (Icheon, Gyeonggi Province)
April 3 – April 5
The city of Icheon is home to 100-year-old flowering cornus fruit trees. Festival events include a parade, and traditional folk games.
(more info: call +82 31 1330 or visit here.)

Hwagae Marketplace Cherry Blossoms Festival (Hwagae Village, South Gyeongsang Province)
April 3 – April 5
It’s said that if couples walk down Hwagae’s Cherry Blossom Road, they will get married and live a happy life together. Go to Hwagae to enjoy the flowering cherry trees, marketplace, and its famous food.
(more info: call +82 55 1330 or visit here.)

Yeouido Spring Flowers Festival (Yeouido Island, Seoul)
April 9 – April 13
Conveniently located in downtown Seoul, the festival centers around the street behind the National Assembly bulding, which is lined with 1,400 cherry blossom trees. Stroll next to the Han River through a tunnel of cherry trees.
(more info: call +82 2 1330 or visit here.)

Jeju Canola Blossom Festival (Jeju City, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province)
April 4 – April 8
Due to its southern location, spring comes to Jeju before the rest of Korea. The island’s spectacular yellow rapeseed blooms turn fields into a golden carpet. At this popular festival, visitors can purchase locally-made flower products.
(more info: call +82 64 1330 or visit here.)

Cheongpung Lakeside Cherry Blossoms Festival (Jecheon City, North Chungcheong Province)
April 11 – April 13
Walk alongside the lake admiring the cherry blossoms or enjoy cultural events and sports activities, including bungee jumping and traditional martial arts performances.
(more info: call +82 43 1330 or visit here.)

Hampyeong Butterfly Festival (Hampyeong, South Jeolla Province)
April 24 – May 10
See tens of thousands of butterflies frolicking around over 8,000 acres of rapeseed flowers in Hampyeong’s celebration of butterflies, and all insects. Definitely a unique festival and experience!
(more info: call +82 54 1330 or visit here.)

Damyang Bamboo Festival (Jukhyang Culture Village, South Jeolla Province)
May 3 – May 8

Damyang is famous for its forests of bamboo trees. This festival has a long history, originating from the feast held at the end of the bamboo planting season. Sample bamboo alcohol and food!
(more info call +82 61 1330 or visit here.) 

(Festival descriptions are thanks to the Korea Tourism Organization.)


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