Posted by: Matt Kelley | 14 January 2009

Winter Festivals Calendar


Despite the bitterly cold temps, Gangwon Province and Jeju Island offer a host of fun and interesting winter festivals. Here are just a few you should catch over the next weeks.

Pyeongchang Trout Festival (Jinbu-myeon, Gangwon Province)
January 1 – February 15
At this famous festival, visitors get to break the ice and try their luck at trout fishing. Visitors can also try traditional Korean winter folk games such as snow sledding, kite flying and more. 
(more info: call +82 33 335 2248 or visit here.)

Inje Icefish Festival
(Soyang Lake, Gangwon Province)
January 30 – February 2
Inje’s icy streams sweep down through the snow-covered Seorak and Bantae Mountains to Soyang Lake. This stunning snowscape will delight visitors at Inje’s Icefish Festival. As well as enjoying the beautiful scenery, visitors can sample raw ice fish and fried foods, and participate in bowling or soccer matches.
(more info: call +82 33 1330 or

Taebaek Snow Festival (Taebaeksan National Park, Gangwon Province)
January 30 – February 8
At the famous Taebaek Snow Festival, visitors can see performances and snow sculptures, participate in the Topless Marathon (!), a mountain climbing competition, snow sledding and in a snowman festival.
(more info: call +82 33 1330 or festival.taebaek.go)

Welcoming Exorcism of Tamna (Jeju City Hall Plaza, Jeju Island)
February 3-4
As Spring approaches, Jeju Island’s public officials and female shamans gather to perform exorcisms to pray for a year of abundant harvests. At this festival tourists can enjoy a variety of performances as well as experience traditional hands-on programs. 
(more info: call +82 64 1330 or

Jeongwol Daeboreum Fire Festival (Saebyeol Oreum area, Jeju Island)
February 12-14
Long ago Jeju Island farmers would lay fire to their fields, so that the harmful bugs would be chased away, and their cows could eat the grass. In this festival this practice is revived, and visitors will also get to experience setting pheasants free, traditional wedding ceremonies, and an entire hill set ablaze!
(more info: go here.)

Goseong Pollack and Sea Festival (Geojinhang, Gangwon Province)
February 19-22
Seventy percent of all fish caught in Korea is a type of fish called Pollack, and the Goseong region catches the nation’s lion’s share. In February there’s a great festival to celebrate this fish, with cooking competitions, rituals to pray for an abundant catch, fishing events and even fireworks.
(more info: call +82 33 1330 or

(Festival descriptions are thanks to the Korea Tourism Organization.)



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