Posted by: Matt Kelley | 28 November 2008

…and I’m off!

Over the next several weeks the pace of posting here will slow down. During the holidays I’ll be visiting family and friends in Europe and the U.S. But along the way, in addition to eating lots of food and trying to stay warm, I’ll be looking for evidence of the Korean diaspora outside the peninsula.

Cases in point? How about Berlin’s Seouler Garten (Seoul Garden) and the honorary “Seoul Drive” in Chicago?

If you know of any other places, please fill me in… in January I’ll write some fun posts about my experiences Discovering Korea in the West! Until then, thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you!




  1. And me, in France !!! See you tomorrow Matt !!!

  2. Oh I’d be waiting for your next post. I don’t see a lot of Koreans in our area but I’m really interested about your culture. Some of my friends suggested L.A. but to look for something Korean and something unique will be hard, I think.

  3. Save Seoul Drive for me! Can’t wait to see you in Chi-town!^^

  4. In Greater London you will find New Malden, which is probably the one Koreantown in Europe, it’s there you’ll find the biggest korean diaspora in Europe.
    And, if you’re in Paris, on the 13th there is Dulsori’s performance. ^^

  5. Karim – It was so nice to meet you in Paris. Thank you again and I hope to see you in Seoul or Seattle soon!

  6. Hi Elodie,

    Thanks for the wonderful suggestions… I just arrived in Stockholm, Sweden yesterday from London. I’m sorry to have missed New Malden, but I will be back in Paris briefly before heading to the U.S. I’ll check out the Dulsori performance and let you know. Thanks again… I really appreciate you taking the time!


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