Posted by: Matt Kelley | 16 September 2008


Welcome to, a new travel and culture blog for anyone interested in Korea’s people and places. This Web site complements the weekly radio show I host on KBS World Radio. Each week, this is the place to read transcripts of the show and see photos of our trips around the Korean Peninsula.

But that’s not all! I’ll periodically post other travel and culture-related information that we can’t fit on the show, and in the near future we’ll also include sound clips and streaming video of our travels. There are a number of exciting things happening with the show that I’ll share with you in the coming weeks, so please visit the site again.

To get things started, I’ve posted a few articles- an overview of this past weekend’s harvest festival, a look at the city of Gangneung’s Joseon Dynasty-era homes from our September 6th show, a list of upcoming festivals and a profile of Seoul’s Gyeonghui Palace. I’ve also started a list of travel resources for anyone who’s planning to discover Korea on their own. 

If you have any comments or questions, please post them here on the site, or you can e-mail me directly, at I would love to hear what you think.

Thank you for visiting, and happy travels!

Matt Kelley



  1. Great idea, Matt! I always figured that you must have much more information and photos of your travels in Korea than you could fit in your WWF segment. I’m looking forward to exploring your site (and Korea, vicariously!).


  2. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for writing in! Right now I’m in Gwangju in southwestern Korea to check out their 7th Biennale, which is an international contemporary art festival. So far it’s been great. Shortly, we’ll be introducing some changes to the show, so I look forward to your feedback!

    Hope all is well.


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